Create your Kite in 5 simple steps

Hey there! In this short video tutorial, you'll discover that creating a microsite or an interactive landing page is a breeze with Kites (our no-code builder). It only takes 5 simple steps!

Step 1: Choose from over 1000 templates, designed to meet your specific needs. Categories like catalogues, links in bio, and events are ready for your exploration.

Step 2: Personalize your Kite. Customize text, images, colors and buttons.

Step 3: Add that extra spark! Bring elements to life with interactivity and animations – all without the need for coding.

Step 4: Set the stage for your Kite's debut. Shape your QR code or link, experiment with domains and add a personal touch.

Step 5: Preview, publish and share your masterpiece with the world!Are you ready?

Just 5 steps separate you from soaring high with your Kite! 🚀