A new approach to online presence

🚀 What is Kites?

Kites is an online, no-code platform for creating small websites, webapps or microsites quickly, easily, and affordably.

Small websites where people can promote events, showcase products and services, or create landing pages for client campaigns with speed and ease.

Kites isn't here to replace the big players; it's more like finding the sweet spot between a large website and a somewhat boring PDF.

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Crafting a "Kite"

When building Kites, we focused on two key elements: the small website itself and the Kites editor.

A 'Kite' is a small website created with just a few clicks in the Kites editor. It is made up of two basic components: slides (the different pages) and elements (everything you add within a slide). When we created the 'Kite' concept, we had a few things in mind:


Mobile-first focus

In a smartphone-dominated world, why settle for a desktop-style infinite scroll full of text? It's like building asphalt roads but sticking to horse-drawn carriages.

Kites is 100% mobile-first. No need to stress about how it looks on different devices. No need to multiply or triple your work! There's no time, nor patience. A Kite stays sleek and uniform everywhere.


Social media-style navigation

Departing from traditional web design, Kites embraces a navigation style reminiscent of social media platforms (those we love so much and that keep us entertained for hours).

Think of navigating between slides by swiping up and down, left and right, clicking buttons—keeping your audience engaged and moving.



Every element in a Kite can be interactive - buttons, icons, forms, maps and even a picture or some funky audio.

Clicking interactive elements can lead to links, PDF downloads, saving contacts, one-click calls, pop-ups with more info, and many other functionalities.

And the best part? No code required! Just click the “edit interactivity” magic wand button on each element and choose from our predefined list of interactive features.



In addition to interactivity, any element on your Kite can be animated with just a few clicks!

Bouncing, fading, rotating, and many other types of entrances and effects can be added to your Kite's elements to grab your visitors' attention.

How to do it? Click the 'Edit animation' button on your element and select from the list of animations. Once again? No code needed! We take care of the coding for you!


Creative freedom

We like to break limits; we like to innovate.

Why settle for a color background? Make it a video background with just a few clicks!

Why use sections and grids? Place elements freely wherever you like!

That's what we're talking about! In Kites your creativity is the limit!

🌟 The Kites Editor: Inspired simplicity

Kites simplifies the creative process with a no-code, drag-and-drop editor inspired by our favorite design maestros: Canva and Figma. The Kites editor is self-contained, allowing Kiters to see edits in real-time by dragging and moving elements. It's like creating a regular design but building a a bunch of functional small websites, microsites or webapps to share with your clients.

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