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Interactive mobile websites that WOW your clients 🌟

Mobile website creation made easy!

Craft mobile websites in few minutes with a simple drag & drop no-code editor.

Forget about complex CMS platforms and confusing plugins!

Interactive content that surprises clients!

Create visual and interactive websites with a social media navigation style.

Keep your audience moving, keep your audience engaged.

Customize mobile websites without limits!

Enjoy creative freedom to fully customize mobile websites.

Add elements and content to your hearts desire. It's like an interactive Photoshop for website creation.

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Small, bite-sized content that is interactive that can keep your peoples attention.
That is what you can do in Kites,
It's highly intuitive.
I just invested 20 minutes doing a project.

Eric Stavola
(Digital Strategist)

This product will really come in handy for landing pages to go with event announcements. I really got professional results from my "kite" from a bit of drag and drop and selecting effects. I would highly recommend looking into this product!

Joel Minton
(Fitness Coach)

Kites is a wonderful platform.
I bought it on Appsumo. I just love it, makes my life a lot easier. I integrated a Kite in a chat widget, and the beauty
of it is I can do all kind of fancy things on it.   

Pavan Pudipeddi
(Co-founder and Director)

With Kites it's easy for me to link everything in one place, which is excellent.
I can add audio and video content, forms and downloadable documents for my prospects to see a sneak-pick of my offering.  

Jairo Cavalcante
(Spiritual Intelligence Mentor)

With Kites, I come up with an idea and in 10 minutes I set it up and send a link to my client. For me, that's priceless. What am I going to do? Set up a WordPress, install it, design it? No way. I do it super quickly on Kites.

Cesar Oliveros
(Marketing freelance)

Kites for me is the easiest thing to work with. I mean it's so intuitive, just drag and drop. This is something, if not my favorite purchase ever in Appsumo. Other apps are so rigid and outdated, you can do many things with them.

Kavir Gayanda

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Create no-code interactive mobile websites!

It's easy, fast & fun!

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Asking how? Follow these 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Choose a template

  • Ready-to-use templates save your time!
  • Over 100 professionally designed mobile websites, microsites and landings.
  • Templates for portfolios, digital catalogs, event websites, business cards and more!

Step 2: Customize it

  • Effortless drag-and-drop editor.
  • Personalize every aspect of your mobile website!
  • Add interactive elements: videos, audios, payments, social buttons, maps, forms, and more!

Step 3: Share it

  • Customize your mobile website's link easily, even using your domain!
  • Instantly share with clients and audiences via WhatsApp, social media, email and more.
  • Integrate your kite as a pop-up on your main website.

Integrate everything you need
in one single place

In Kites, you have a lot of integration possibilities such as Typeform, YouTube, Canva, Mailchimp and much more!

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The platform is incredibly intuitive, and you can get started in no time with its user-friendly interface. What's more, the Kites team is very helpful and responsive, always ready to listen to feedback.


I've used different "link in bio" software and I haven't had so many customizations and amazing features like the ones that Kites offer. Oh, and the link in bio is just one of the use cases.


I can't recommend this microsite creation platform enough. It's an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to build breathtaking mobile sites without the hassle of complex coding.


I am a fan of marketing and creating promotions. With this application I can put my mind to work. It has many features that make it easy to use and understand. So far I have made about 5 microsites but I hope to make hundreds.


The user interface of Kites is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, making it very easy to create stunning, modern landing pages, microsites with interactive features without any coding experience. Super Plus: Best customer support ever!


Extremely well thought out tool to address the pressing needs we face, as an Agency, to quickly create a mobile-first web page for referrals, campaigns, link-in-bio, special promotions and the list goes on. Hats off to the Kites team!


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