Your analytics overview in Kites

To explore Kites' cookieless statistics, you have two options.

Here's how:

From Your Dashboard:

  • Log in to your Kites dashboard.
  • Navigate to the "Statistics" section.
  • Select the specific Kite for which you'd like to view data.

Within Your Kite:

  • Open the Kite you're interested in.
  • Head to the "Statistics" section.
  • Select the name of your Kite.

By following this simple process, you'll have access to Kites Analytics overview! The dashboard provides insights into key metrics such as:

  • Visits: Total number of accesses to a Kite.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of accesses to a Kite with a duration of less than 3 seconds and no user interaction.
  • Sessions: Accesses to a Kite with a duration of at least 3 seconds or a minimum of 2 slides viewed.
  • Avg Session Duration: The average length of sessions on a Kite.
  • Slides Viewed: The total number of slides viewed across all sessions.
  • Avg Slides per Session: The average number of slides consumed per session on a Kite.
  • Sessions by Language: Find out which languages your Kite visitors prefer, helping you tailor your content for a global audience.
  • Sessions by OS: Discover the operating systems your visitors use, which can influence your site's compatibility and functionality.
  • User Activity: Get insights into how engaged your visitors are with your Kite's content.
  • Traffic by Device: Learn which devices your visitors use to access your Kite, so you can optimize for their preferred platforms.
  • Sources of Traffic: Understand where your Kite's traffic is coming from, such as social media, search engines, or direct links.

With Kites, staying informed about your mobile site's performance is easy-peasy!

Wait no longer to try it out!