The cookieless future

You might be wondering when the cookieless era will arrive

Well, it's right around the corner! This shift will transform how we understand user behavior, target ads, and generate leads. It's all about prioritizing privacy, relying on first-party data, and exploring new ways to identify users.

The clock is ticking – third-party cookies are on their way out, expected to bid us farewell by 2024. But don't worry; Kites is ahead of the game.

Introducing Kites Cookieless Analytics

We understand the importance of adapting to this cookieless future. That's why we've introduced cookieless analytics for your Kites. These analytics empower you to gain valuable insights without compromising user privacy.

Key Metrics: Track essential metrics and user behavior like visits, bounce rates, sessions, user activity, traffic by type of device and more. This data helps you create better Kites and adjust the existing ones for your audience.

Wait no longer to try it out!