Key components of a Kite

In this article, we are going to talk about the two key components of your Kite: slides and elements!


What are slides? They are basically “pages” within your Kite (landing page or microsite).

How many slides can you create? The beauty of Kites lies in the freedom to create as many slides as you desire!

How do you create a slide? You can create a slide from scratch or by adding our ready-to-use slide templates! In the editor, go to slides, click the “+” button, and select the slide that best suits your needs.

  • Navigation between slides: It's the type of transition between the slides of your Kite. Actually, there are four types of navigation.
  • Story navigation type: Emulate Instagram stories, where users swipe right or left to explore your content at their own pace.
  • Navigation with buttons: Craft a personalized journey for your audience by using navigation buttons that lead to specific slide destinations.
  • Vertical navigation type: Users will be able to swipe left or right to navigate between slides.
  • Horizontal navigation type: Users will be able to swipe up and down to navigate between slides.


What are elements? They are all the components that you can add to your Kite’s slides.

How many elements can you add to your slide? Just like slides, there are no limits to the number of elements you can add to your Kite! Add the necessary elements to achieve your goals!

What kind of elements exist in Kites? You will find a wide range of elements, ranging from simple elements such as text, images, videos, and contact buttons, to more exciting elements such as forms, downloadable PDFs, interactive maps, payment links, and, for programming enthusiasts, custom and iframe elements!

How do you add an element to your slide? In the editor, go to elements, click the “+” button, scroll down to explore all the alternatives, and select the element you want!

Now, it's your turn to embrace the freedom of exploring different navigation styles and experimenting with various elements to make your Kite truly unique!

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