How to integrate a Kites subdomain

In this article we're learning how to use a Kites subdomain.

Hey there! In our last tutorial, we explored adding your very own domain to Kites. Today, we're learning how to use a Kites subdomain. This is the perfect solution for those who don't have their own domain but still want a professional touch.

Using a Kites subdomain is a breeze!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Head to your Domains section (in our last tutorial we saw the two ways of accessing it)
  2. Select 'Use a Kites subdomain.'
  3. Enter the subdomain you want for your link. For example, if you choose 'myawesomekite,' it will be followed by the '' domain provided by Kites.
  4. Click 'Save,' and voilà! You now have a brand-new custom subdomain to use in your Kite's links.

With Kites subdomains, we've got your back.

Happy Kiting! 🚀✨

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