Create your Kite 404

Ensure that your visitors never get lost in the clouds when they mistype your Kites' links!

We all know that sometimes users might mistype a link or stumble upon a non-existent page. Instead of leaving them stranded with a boring "Page Not Found" message, our system will send them to your 404 Kite (if you have created it) so you can handle these situations with your own style!


Additionally, you can set your Kite's link to your own subdomain without adding any path, and it will work as your 404 Kite! When someone mistypes your link and you haven't created a 404 Kite, users will land on your subdomain!

Now, if you don't have a 404 Kite or a Kite with just your subdomain and a blank path, no problem! Our team has designed a friendly default 404 Kite that will be waiting to greet your visitors.

With this new sequence in place, you can take full control of your visitors' journey, even when things don't go as planned.

For creating your own and personalized Kite 404 follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Kite: To get started, simply create a new Kite just like you always do. Craft a message like 'Oops! Looks like you're flying off-course,' or 'Uh-oh, this page is lost in the clouds!' - the choice is yours!
  2. 2. Redirect with Style:Add a button with an external link to redirect users to another Kite or any external destination of your choice.
  3. Set your Kite's Link Path to "404": In your newly created Kite, set your link with your subdomain and set the link's path to "404" to let our system know that this is the page you want to show when someone lands on a non-existent link.

Now you're ready to turn a simple error into a cool experience!

Wait no longer to try it out!