How to research an Industry to design a Website

Discover insights and strategies for audience research, buyer personas, industry trends, and content creation. Elevate web design by adopting a research-oriented approach for impactful solutions.

By Kites Team
Dec 18, 2023
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1. Conducting audience research: understanding the client and their industry

2. Crafting buyer personas: analyzing the target audience

3. Crafting engaging content: researching trends and best practices

4. Elevating web design through industry-specific research

Understanding the industry in which a client operates holds lots of significance in the realm of website design. 

Research stands as the guiding light in this process, illuminating the path toward an effective and audience-oriented web design. This phase not only ensures alignment with industry-specific norms and standards but also enables the creation of a digital space that speaks the language of the target demographic, fostering engagement, trust, and resonance.

Comprehensive research into the client's industry serves as more than just a preliminary step; it acts as a strategic cornerstone that shapes the entire web design process.

Team working on industry research

Conducting audience research: understanding the client and their industry

To start making an awesome website, you gotta really get what your client is all about. It's not just a quick chat – you gotta dig deep. That means chatting with them a bunch, sending out surveys, really getting what they want, what they stand for, and what they're aiming for.

When designers dive deep into who the client is and what their peeps are into, they can build a website that totally vibes with what the client's after. Knowing what makes them special, their core values, and where they're headed is key to showing off their stuff and telling their story online.

Plus, taking a close look at what's gone down in the business world and checking out the competition helps designers use what works, stand out, and make the website pop in the crowd.

Crafting buyer personas: analyzing the target audience

Building a top-notch website starts by knowing exactly who it's for. You gotta figure out who your dream customers are first – that's your buyer persona. It's like drawing a super-detailed picture of who you want to visit your website.

Once you've got those personas locked in, you're ready to design a website that really connects with them. You'll know what they need, what they're into, and what bugs them, so you can make a website they'll love.

Then, it's all about doing your homework to make sure your website nails it. That means surveys, chats, digging into data – the whole nine yards. You want to know everything, from where they live to how they shop online. That way, your website not only looks awesome but also works like a charm for the people you want to reach.

Audience targeting for industry research

Crafting engaging content: researching trends and best practices

In the world of web design, keeping up with the latest trends is key to making a killer website that's just right for your field. You've got to dive deep into what's hot in web design for your industry. That means checking out cool new styles, slick designs, and what makes users tick. By tapping into these trends, you can jazz up your site with fresh ideas that keep it looking sharp and totally up-to-date.

Plus, checking out other successful websites in your area is like a gold mine of awesome ideas. Studying them helps you figure out what works with your audience. You'll spot what they're into and what makes them click. This peek into the content also makes sure your website talks the talk that your company and your audience want to hear.

Putting together a plan for your website's content is like setting the stage. You want to make sure it speaks the same language as your business while being a hit with your audience.

Content analysis for industry research

Strategies for researching trends and content creation

  • Studying Web Design Trends 
  • Analyzing Successful Websites
  • Reviewing existing and planned content for alignment with brand messaging.
  • Crafting a content plan that reflects the company's identity and audience preferences.

Elevating web design through industry-specific research

Building a good website starts with diving deep into what makes your industry tick. Understanding the ins and outs of your client's world is the secret sauce to connecting with the right audience. 

This research phase isn't just a quick step; it's like the secret ingredient that makes your website awesome. It's what helps designers create stuff that really hits home with your audience. Getting into the nitty-gritty of your client's world lets designers figure out what people want and need, making sure your website offers just that.

Using this research-driven approach means creating a website that fits right into the industry, talks the talk of your audience, and gets them engaged, trusting, and coming back for more.

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