Craft a pop-up for your Website in minutes (No Code Required)

Discover the simplicity of creating eye-catching pop-ups in minutes for WordPress, Wix, Webflow and other CMS. Embrace creative freedom!

By Kites Team
Dec 20, 2023
4 Minutes

1. Introduction

2. What is a pop up?

3. Traditional CMS and pop-ups

4. No code tools for creating pop ups in few minutes

5. Conclusion


In today's web design landscape, when used properly, pop-ups are crucial for catching visitors' attention and achieving specific goals (e.g. capturing leads or promoting special offers). This guide navigates the complexities of creating pop-ups on traditional CMSs like WordPress, Wix and Webflow, introducing a game-changing solution for web designers—no-code platforms.

What is a pop up?

A pop-up is a small, secondary window that appears on top of a website's main page. It's designed to capture the user's attention and often contains additional information, promotions, subscription forms or calls to action (CTAs). Pop-ups can be triggered by various actions, such as clicking a button, scrolling, or spending a certain amount of time on a webpage.

Example pop-ups website

Pop-up challenges in traditional CMS

If you've ever wondered how to add a popup on Wix, Webflow, WordPress, etc., you probably know that traditional CMSs present challenges for web designers. Limited customization options and time-consuming processes restrict achieving desired designs and functionalities without intricate coding

While there are many pop up wordpress plugins and pop up builders available, the customization issue remains. Nothing beats designing a pop-up, adding colors, multimedia content, and other elements by simply dragging and dropping, much like you do in Photoshop, Canva, Figma, and other design platforms.

But no need to fret; no-code platforms are the game-changing solutions for creating interactive, animated, and eye-catching pop-ups in just a few minutes, with a big plus: creative freedom.

No-code tools: A paradigm shift for pop-up creation

No-code platforms offer web designers efficient and flexible solutions. By using tools such as Kites, designers can create fully customizable pop-ups of any size through a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, adding various interactive and animated elements like maps, forms, buttons, multimedia content, and more! Click on the photo to open this cool pop up example created with Kites:

Example interactive pop-up website Kites

Interested? Let's explore how easy it was to do.

1. Create a Kites account, it's free, with no time limit and no credit card required!

Sign up no code builder website

2. In your dashboard, go to "New Kite" and start from scratch.

3. Resize your pop-up.

4. Add the elements you want based on your pop-up's goal (forms, maps, multimedia content, contact buttons—your choice).

Editor pop-up builder website

5. Add an extra spark: give animations to your elements for a more eye-catching effect.

6. Publish it and head to "share." There, you'll find different ways to integrate it directly into your website. Click your preferred option and find the HTML code that you can simply copy and paste onto your WordPress, Wix, or Webflow website! 

And that's it—creating a pop-up has never been so easy, fast, and creatively friendly!


In the dynamic world of web design, adapting to innovative solutions is crucial. No-code platforms like Kites empower web designers to overcome the limitations of traditional CMS. With Kites. you can create visually appealing and highly functional pop-ups, and beyond website pop-up design, you can develop microsites (portfolios, business cards, digital catalogs, and much more)! Embrace the future of web design—where creativity knows no bounds, and coding is optional, not obligatory.

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